Students: We’re Looking to Invest In Your Bright Future!

At the Orange County Community Foundation, we believe investing in our youth is the safest, soundest investment going. Your dream of a college education is one that we, and your community, shares with you.


We administer a number of scholarships, which range from the traditional academic and athletic awards to corporate and special circumstances offerings. Applying for a scholarship is free, so we invite you to spend some time finding opportunities for which you are a good fit.

Our scholarship categories:

  • Academic/leadership/community scholarships
  • Athletic scholarships
  • Corporate/country club scholarships
  • Major-/career-specific scholarships
  • Renewal scholarships
  • Scholarships for non-Orange County residents
  • Special circumstances scholarships
  • Specific scholarship programs

We also have a number of scholarships for current college students. Take a look at all of our available scholarships. Please note specific scholarships’ guidelines and deadlines.

And good luck!


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